Social Media Marketing (SMM) - A Corporate Strategy

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – A Corporate Strategy

While this new and growing method of connecting people and doing business’ is hailed by some as the answer to marketing success It is worthwhile to consider certain facts that support the arguments.

It could be ubiquitous but is it also persuasive?

There’s a lot of junk that makes its way into our mailers and social media groups, and “expert’s” are increasing exponentially.

Networks and platforms are growing like rabbits in the field.

LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter; Saga Zone; Google+; YouTube; Hootsuite; TweetDeck. To mention some…

We should not abandon good marketing principles to be able to “get in on the most recent I-Fad. Inputting a badly-designed corporate profile in the public domain and not giving it the thorough analysis as you would the corporate brochure, for instance is not a good idea.

It is impossible to replace the preparation and SMM is not a substitute for personal contact and communications.

Everyone deserves to feel appreciated and significant. Nobody likes being sold to, however most people like to buying.

Thoughts to Ponder

SMM amplifies, magnifies and enhances what’s already there.

If the product or service is flawed the company or product will not be able to cover these flaws and will instead make them visible to a larger public. The best way to ensure that we get our values and offerings right before we put it out into the “ether.

2: People enjoy humans with a human.

They do provide an opportunity to showcase personalities and the product However, when it comes down to it (and there always will be exceptions) the majority of people prefer contacts with people. This is the reason why we get frustrated when we have to move from one menu to another.

Social media isn’t an online storefront where users are hoping to buying online, it’s a way to provide a face to a business otherwise inaccessible.

Take note of your writing Be informative, be open, friendly and stay clear of the tough sell.

Know the message your company is sending

Branding is a crucial aspect and requires mastery. We all marvel at the genius behind the simplest strap lines with the ability to keep in mind whole branding messages.

We need to understand what our primary message is. SMM is merely amplification of the existing message.

4: Use Complimenting Strategies

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A clear business strategy and mission is assisted by an effective online presence.

It will help to promote your work and make you an authority in your field. It is recommended to be an essential ‘part’ of your marketing strategy.

There are correct and incorrect ways to approach this, and we’ll shed some insight into this in the coming bulletins.