Uncompromising Safety: The Advantages of Safety Glass Walls

Uncompromising Safety: The Advantages of Safety Glass Walls

Glass walls are a popular remodeling project, but they must be engineered properly to withstand the load of your home’s roof. They also need to meet energy and permit requirements in your area.

NanaWall’s insulated sliding and folding glass walls combine design with performance. They’re ideal for preserving views and permeating natural light and merging indoors with outdoor spaces. They also feature multipoint locks for peace of mind.


Whether you’re looking to enjoy the sun’s evasive warmth on a chilly afternoon or cool down after a hot summer day, insulated glass walls offer several benefits. The insulating properties of the glass help to reduce energy bills by trapping air between the inside and outside temperatures, which helps to keep your home more comfortable. They also provide noise reduction and acoustic insulation.

In addition to minimizing noise, insulated glass also provides a degree of visual privacy. You can easily address this issue by specifying frosted tempered glass or translucent solid or decorative window films.

Milgard’s moving glass wall systems are backed by a lifetime warranty and come with a wide array of features that make them easy to use and protect your property from the elements. These features include SunCoat and SunCoatMAX Low-E insulating glass, a waterproof sill, and easy maintenance exterior material and finishes. The insulated walls are also designed to support hang-on furniture and integrate with plug-and-play ALUR modular power, voice and data cabling systems.

Energy efficient

Glass walls provide a sleek, modern look, and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. However, they can be ineffective for insulating homes due to their lack of thickness. This is especially true if the frames are aluminum, which is a known heat and cold conductor.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your glass walls more energy efficient. By utilizing low-E coatings or having them filled with argon gas, you can minimize the transfer of heat and cold to your home, which decreases your energy costs and makes your space more comfortable year-round.

Another way to increase your glass walls’ energy efficiency is by installing them with a south-facing orientation. This will maximize solar heating throughout the winter, reducing your need for artificial light and decreasing your energy costs. Additionally, smart glass can increase a room’s energy efficiency by turning standard windows into switchable glazing that allows you to control the amount of natural light in the space.

UV resistant

A clear view of the outdoors has a way of lifting the spirit. But when you’re living in a remote home surrounded by luscious forests and lookout vistas, protecting your furnishings and skin from harmful UV rays can be challenging.

Sliding glass walls offer a stylish solution. Laminated safety glazing is a process of bonding a layer of polyvinyl butyral (commonly known as PVB) between multiple sheets of ordinary flat glass, making it “sandwiched,” much like your car’s windshield. This makes the panes much tougher and resistant to shatters and cracks. It also provides sound reduction and blocks most ultraviolet radiation, qualifying it for a number of building codes that require safety glazing.

Adding PVB film to affordable windows in Barrie can help reduce the damaging effects of UV rays on furnishings, carpeting, and artwork, as well as your skin. It can even help cut glare from sunlight that causes people to squint. This can be especially beneficial in rooms that receive a lot of sun or have furniture placed close to the windows.


While glass can be a safe building component when used in compliance with recognized standards and protected from human impact, injuries from glass still occur. Old float glass still in use, improperly installed replacement glass, and tempered or heat strengthened glass that fails during use can all lead to injury.

Safety glass walls allow natural light into offices while offering a sleek aesthetic and privacy. They are easy to clean and do not attract COVID-19 viruses. They are also a useful way to enforce social distancing and limit air circulation.

Besides tempered and heat strengthened glass, NanaWall systems feature laminated security glass which reduces the odds of forced entry by adding an interlayer of plastic https://cuakinhre.com/vach-kinh-van-phong/ or polymer. This type of protection cools faster than annealed glass and resists breakage more effectively. The layered glass is then fused together through heat, pressure and chemical treatment. It also meets stringent forced entry testing at accredited labs. This makes it less likely to break or be damaged by crowbars and other tools used for break-ins.