Episode 11

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A battered woman limps along the road, fleeing a past which collides with Noura’s present search for a new Foreign Minister. After her ailing minister’s resignation, Noura must find an immediate replacement, and expediting parliamentary approval means nominating Bassem’s preferred candidate, the former ambassador Tareq Saqr. But just before the almost minister can be confirmed, Rafiq receives a tip which implicates Tareq as the mysterious escapee’s abuser. Tareq’s well-placed friends can block the case with ease, so Samar is tasked to monitor Rafiq’s investigation, despite the awkwardness hanging between them.  But Ambassador Saqr isn’t the only one running from his skeletons. Rafiq receives a package loaded with the guilt of his best friend’s death, while Maya is haunted by a nightmare she buried long ago.  With the burden of shame too heavy to bear, both find the freedom of letting go, and Noura corners Tareq with his own truth.  For while secrets mask past scandal, a secret left buried drowns even the strongest of hearts. But if you are brave enough to speak your truth aloud, you may find a host of people waiting to love you. So Maya takes a deep breath.

Episode 12

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The President’s husband, a professor of toxicology, is investigating a case of water pollution, which remains mysteriously undocumented in the ministry’s records. After the ‘responsible’ bureaucrat dismisses his claim, Jamal relays his suspicions to his wife, but Noura tables the case until the Ministry of Justice digs up more evidence. Key insiders though have already been tipped off, and they begin the process of expunging their sins before investigators have a chance.  Noura meanwhile convenes a National Development forum, gathering representatives from nearly every field and cause to brainstorm the country’s thorniest issues. But with a room full of opinions, and elections right around the corner, even Noura’s staunchest supporters question the talks’ timing, and potential for success.  Maya also blazes into uncharted territory, and finally accepts the President’s Youth Ambassador position. For her first assignment she takes to the streets to test public opinion, and while her moxie thoroughly impresses Omar, his new girlfriend isn’t as thrilled.  At the end of the day, Maya takes comfort in the risks she’s taking, for while failure is always imminent, accomplishment never came to those who hesitate.  

Episode 13

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News of the Ministry’s water pollution cover up has leaked, and the political fallout has set the team scrambling to finalize Noura’s campaign platform. With the rumor mill in full grind, Malik must eliminate any source of scandal surrounding the President, and pushes Samar to sever her ties with Rafiq.  Rafiq is shattered, but Samar presses on. There is a campaign to run.  Noura finds her own partner in former finance minister Essa, though her deputy is less than transparent about his past entanglements. Back at home, Noura’s father continues to avoid his heart condition, and despite his doctor’s persistent follow up, his focus remains firmly on his family’s wellbeing. With Noura’s announcement just a day away, Bassem pulls an end around and presents his candidacy to the public, diverting the country’s attention in true scene stealing fashion.  Noura finally gets a break when the bureaucrat behind the water scandal confesses, and with her family behind her, she declares her run for election. After a tumultuous year in power, a veritable storm of crises, scandals, and impossible decisions, she faces her people, her new family, and promises the country’s only way forward: change. And for once, Maya believes her. 

Episode 14

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Youth are the key to Noura’s victory in the coming elections, but their absence at the polls presents her campaign’s most formidable barrier. Maya channels her media might into a voting campaign, while Noura plugs into young Jabalein with a live streamed debate at the university.  Of course preparations couldn’t be more awkward for Samar, who has to finalize topics with Rafiq while avoiding the one topic that would change their future. With the entire country tuned in, and a room of students poised to tweet, Noura challenges Bassem’s stale criticisms with calls for innovation and change, and reaches at least a couple of her fledgling skeptics. But her watery misstep still weighs on public opinion, and Essa must unveil his murky relationship with Bassem, and the speaker’s even dirtier business connections. Only Rafiq can unravel the case and clear Noura’s name, but will it be too late? When failure is not an option, success means digging in and pushing forward.  So Maya asks Omar for another chance, and Bassem pulls the last trick in his deck, which has just arrived at the refugee camp. Let the best man, or woman, win.

Episode 15

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It’s Election Day, and as the sun rises over the polling stations, citizens uncover a weapons’ stash in the refugee camp. Weeks of pent-up resentment engulf the villagers in an all out brawl, leaving the Mayor shot and hysteria on high. And Noura has just cast her vote.  The incident’s timing is fishy at best, and both Noura and Rafiq are convinced of the culprits’ identity, if they could only catch him in the act. But with voters beginning to hesitate at the polls, Noura heads to the border and calls for a change in the country’s political calculus; to vote not on fear, but on a better tomorrow. Rafiq meanwhile unearths a land deed which finally reveals the pollution’s conspirators. As Bassem is about to celebrate, Rafiq corners him on air, and the Speaker’s blustery face broadcasts his guilt to the whole country. But just as justice seems to triumph, Hakim collapses with a proud father’s joy, and his long weary heart slows to match the final tallied votes. Noura Saad is Jabalein’s new President, and she has just lost the love of her life. It will be a blank page for the entire country, with a whole new history to write, together.

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