Production Team


Common Ground Productions

Common Ground Productions (CGP) is the media arm of the international peace building NGO, Search for Common Ground. Since 1985, CGP has produced TV and radio dramas, documentaries and reality shows. With Deborah Jones as the Executive Producer working hand-in-hand with local talent, CGP created and produced The Team, a drama series that follows characters on a football team who overcome their considerable differences in order to win the game. This award winning series has been produced uniquely in over 20 countries on 3 continents.


Jordan Pioneers Multimedia Co.

Jordan Pioneers (JP) is a content-based production house built on the intersection of entertainment and knowledge. Founded in 2001 by CEO Khaled Haddad, the company has gone on to produce 4 seasons of Jordanian Sesame Street, in addition to the educational sitcom Duwwar al Tasa’a. The shows treat a variety of social concerns, such as financial literacy, cognitive development, and health, among other targeted topics. JP also works extensively in the community to broaden the shows’ learning experience, and has partnered with local and international organizations to create a variety of other social change campaigns.



Marketing Team

Arabic Online Editor: Islam Al Shomali

English Online Editor: Natalie Stewart

Brand and Visual Designer: Rana Khoury

Web Development: IN4MA Pty. Ltd

Social Media Manager: Abd Al-Rahman Afaneh

Video Content: Jordan Bryon

Production Team

A Co-Production of Common Ground Productions and Jordan Pioneers Multimedia Co.

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