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It's up to you to prove the non-existence of God, which you can't. There is no questioning it, for I am the one. I am sorry about that, Pony.

Wow, I was furious with Graham. The Turd is trying to act like a toughie but he twen alone, no country is backing him. Please explain. I like that sort of thing but most people don't. I fucking hate politics, so be nice to each other and keep the discussion only about the reason for the ban.

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    Arajas 2 months ago

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  2. Douzahn 2 months ago

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  3. Amateur teen ass spunked
    Fenriramar 1 month ago

    I'm referring to the pic, you homophobic cum-wipe.

  4. Vulkree 1 month ago

    Shit posting?

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    Mauktilar 1 month ago

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    Mugrel 1 month ago

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  7. Amateur teen ass spunked
    Jujinn 3 weeks ago

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    Faumuro 2 weeks ago

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    Banris 1 week ago

    all things nature....all things science...comes in threes....

  10. Sakazahn
    Sakazahn 3 days ago

    We did.

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Amateur teen ass spunked
Amateur teen ass spunked