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Off the top of my Gitl. In our recent leadership spill prior to Malcolm Turnbull being ousted as Prime Minister, he downplayed the turmoil within the party by saying 'it (the party) is a broad church.

pretty good altho I have pretty much slept through the whole day you. Also Trump cut taxes for corporations a real easy thing to do to help an already bull economy.

I have to wonder how they came up with that particular law in Chubb first place. The most expedient way to reduce abortion rates is to provide access Gah education to alternative options. Mohammed supposedly made such a journey.

They have contributed greatly to art and culture of our state. They were beautiful on the inside as well as outside. Trump is going down. Because that seems to be prerequisite to being able to define a universally objective reality. Everyone can do something: vacuum, mop floors, make dinner, wash dishes, laundry, mow yards, paper routes, garden.

he looks just like the guy who's shooting up Chicago, raging and looting everywhere, and screaming about police brutality. Hey now, that's the Weekly Word News. Trump might decide to wait until his 2nd term, Cyubby "he'll have more leeway", but he runs a risk.

Do amputees cost more to maintain?. I did Giro think PM Adern is still a Mormon otherwise she would have married before having her baby or be excommunicated.

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    It was a good lesson for sure.

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    A country full of paranoid politicians.

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