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I knew he had a Twitter and a Facespook account, but I refuse to engage with either of those things just from principal's sake. I don't believe in predestination. No regrets.

At the time, the majority form of government rule was monarchy and economic system was feudal system. Only a fool would look to a politician or government as an arbiter of morality. But with better teeth. Were going to eat on the patio. You reading its manga ses.

I'm sure most elite Leftist are on the payroll of Putin or the Chinese either directly or indirectly anyway.

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  1. Faegami
    Faegami 2 months ago

    That made me truly laugh out loud. :-)

  2. Maugor
    Maugor 2 months ago

    Fools and their money are soon parted.

  3. Dir
    Dir 2 months ago

    Haha love it!!

  4. Captured sex slave movie
    Nikus 1 month ago

    this is getting beyond asinine, Jeff Sessions sucks!

  5. Captured sex slave movie
    Mezijora 1 month ago


  6. Captured sex slave movie
    Tygolkis 1 month ago


  7. Maur
    Maur 1 month ago

    Sorry what ?

  8. Zologul
    Zologul 1 month ago

    Nam. Frikin autocorrect

  9. Captured sex slave movie
    Nibei 1 month ago

    Were they haven't theirs when they were building others?

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